A security guard rushes to
the site when the detector
detects the burglary or fire
Sensors, in place of security guards,
detect abnormalities, which realizes
to lower labor and service cost.

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What is Alarm System?

Sensors + Manpower
Provides security that does not rely solely on manpower.

Instead of placing security guards at the facility to be guarded, sensors are installed. When the sensor detects the burglary, fire, or other anomalies, an alarm is sent to a remote location (Guard center), and a security guard rushes to the site to handle the situation.
Alarm system addresses security issues that cannot be covered by traditional manpower security alone.

24/7 monitoring and rushing in when needed.

Our Guard center are constantly networked with our customers, enabling our highly trained and experienced staff to monitor on a 24-hours, 365-days basis, ready to respond if the situation requires.
When an abnormality is detected, our security guards will be dispatched immediately to the scene.

Advantages of Alarm Systems

Alarm system has been used not only in financial institutions, but also in many facilities and companies regardless of industry. Here we will introduce the various purposes and advantages of installing alarm systems.

Security guard rushes to customer site when a burglary occurs

When the detector detects the burglary, a security guard rushes to the site to handle the situation.

Security guard rushes to customer site when a fire occurs

When the detector detects fire, a security guard rushes to the site to handle the situation.

Sensor never sleeps, never slacks off

An alarm system is not done by security guards but by sensors. Since sensors never sleep and never slack off, stable security can be achieved. It can be offered at a reasonable price because personnel expenses are reduced.

Security guards for daytime
Alarm system for nighttime

During the day, security service is provided by security guards, and during unmanned hours at night, by alarm system which makes security more efficient.

The difference between alarm system and security cameras

Unlike security cameras that only record when burglars break in, an alarm system responds by having security guards rush to the scene when burglars break in.

Alarm system can be introduced in any building

ALSOK Thailand provides an alarm system to offices, factories, stores, warehouses, and buildings.

Turn on a security system at night, turn it off in the morning

When offices and factories are unmanned at night, turned on a security system. The sensors are activated and detect burglars and fires. In the morning, the first person to arrive at work will turn off the security.


It is common for companies in Japan to introduce an alarm system. ALSOK has a lot of achievements as one of the leading companies in Japan’s security industry.


Keypad is a control panel for turning on or off a security system.
Motion Detector detects heat emitted from human body when there is an intrusion and reports it to ALSOK.


Door Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors.
Panic Button: Press the button in case of emergencies such as robbery or sickness, and security guards will rush to the scene.
Application: A convenient app with various functions.

Price Range

Alarm systeme + Guard dispatch (Rush)

999 Baht/month~

Please feel free to contact us. Our security professionals are pleased to offer you the best plan.
*Initial equipment installation fee is not included in the initial cost. (8,000Baht~)

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ALSOK Thai Security Services

ALSOK Group is a well-known Japanese company group providing services and equipments of security system industry for 58 years. We started the Security Services business in Thailand since 2007 with the trust of both Thailand and Japanese.


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